• The Rowan Tree0:47
  • The Derry Air (Danny Boy)0:57
  • The Eagle's Whistle0:56

A solo piper, standing apart from the assembled family and friends gives dignity and solemnity to the funeral ceremony.  “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes is uniquely beautiful and lets us celebrate the life we have and those we love.

575-741-0878 Taos, NM

Bagpipes New Mexico
​Bagpiper Taos New Mexico

575-741-0878  Taos, NM

Charlie Rafferty specializes in bringing music to Celtic, roots and folk events. With 30 years of experiences he can either take center stage, or provide your occasion with the musical atmosphere it needs. 

Charlie has an extensive repertoire of tunes and is a multi-instrumentalist, playing bagpipes and other wind instruments as well as songs of both Celtic and Americana genres accompanied with his guitar. He knows how to pick the songs and sounds that will make all of your guests happy!

Charlie is an excellent solo performer, and for events where a larger sound is required, Charlie can bring in other musicians. From clan reunions, to weddings and ceilidh dances, Charlie will make your event unforgettable. From Taos New Mexico, to Anywhere in the World, Charlie will make your event a Memorable Occasion!

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