Part of the essential Renaissance
Faire experience is when guests have
an intimate moment of discovery.  It's
a magical instant that stays with them
the rest of their life and it's a story
they tell to their friends and family.

Live celtic music is unforgettable and
will stir up memories of an extraordinary
day at the Faire!

  • Endless Jigs (Blarney Pilgrim -Dusty Windowsill-Atholl Highlander)0:59
  • Rafferty the Piper Song - with Billy Miller3:30
  • Brennan On The Moor1:01
  • Behind The Haystack-Kid On The Mountain0:49

Charlie Rafferty has been bringing his unique blend of bagpipes, songs, verse and storytelling from New Mexico to Renaissance Faires across the country for more than thirty years. Whether in the pub, on stage or in the lanes he brings the right music to the right place.

Nothing beats the majesty of the Scottish Highland Pipes in a parade, and when lane situations may require a softer approach, the sweet sound of the Irish Uilleann Pipes comes forth. And of course Charlie is always ready to pull out the guitar for a set of rollicking drinking songs on your pub stage, smoker or Whatever Venue at your Faire!
He is also more than happy to play for weddings on site as well.
Charlie is an excellent collaborator and will work with your Musical Director and other musicians to give your Faire exactly the 
​atmosphere you want.

Copyright 2015 © Charlie Rafferty. All rights reserved.

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