CeltAmericana is Charlie Rafferty's new musical project: performing solo, and collaborating with some of the finest traditional, celtic and roots musicians. CeltAmericana is the the simple joy and honesty of musicians playing together. 

CeltAmerica embraces the troubadour traditions and lifestyles of folk musicians- artists who tour the would both performing and seeking inspiration. The lineup of performers is ever-evolving and is often a musical family reunion.

From Taos New Mexico, CeltAmericana has performed in  at coffee houses, brew pubs,  auditoriums, music festivals and events where music is listened to worldwide, and not just something in the background.

  • Freeborn Man1:19
  • I Buried My Wife And Danced On Her Grave0:48
  • Brennan On The Moor1:01
Charlie Rafferty has a long history of working
with the finest traditional musicians. It all began when he lived in "The Caliope House" in 
Pennsylvania. Folk musicians from around the world and every persuasion would gather there to create extraordinary music together.

​Charlie has performed with national acts:
Empty Hats, Cantiga, Ploughman's Lunch,
Bread In A Bottle, O'Duffy's Lament,
Peter Yarrow, Jim Hancock, Billy Miller and Michael Mandrell.

Celt Americana sees Charlie collaborating with his wife Brenda Malone, an accomplished guitarist and singer. Brenda is a longtime student of roots appalachian music and writes soulful songs on her own. Her voice brings CeltAmerica a love for the the Earth and all things good.

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​575-741-0878 Taos, NM

575-741-0878 Taos, NM

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